What on Earth

What on Earth? ©

The newscaster virtually shouted out, “Alien spiders have invaded our earth.  Giant spider-like creatures have been seen docking their spaceships at various locations around the planet.

“At the moment, their intentions are unclear, but our government anticipates sending envoys to meet with the giant alien spiders.  Wooing the aliens, President Juan Zorro and Senator Valerie Minton claim to adore spiders.  To determine which of the two likes spiders the better, the President and the Senator are calling for a debate.

“Wait!  I’ve just been handed a bulletin.  Oh no.  Judging from this, we won’t have to worry about the debate, the harmful rays of the sun, or anything else for that matter.

“The spiders are spinning gigantic webs that will eventually envelop the world.

“Asked for a comment on the alien invaders, Actor Monty Tain said, ‘Somewhere H. G. Wells is shaking his finger, saying he told us so.   We’re about to lose the war of the worlds.’  Monty turned his glance heavenward.  ‘Look, up in the sky!  It’s a spider web blotting out the sun.”  Alarmed, he rushed off towards theChurchofScientologyto await the outcome.

Back in the studio, the newscaster gathered his thoughts together and said, “First the Internet now the spiders.  Is there no escaping the ‘World Wide Web?’”


About pahnkebooks

A Twenty-first Century senior, Ed Pahnke, has his third book, The Chiefs Investigate, published. It’s highlighted in “Now Available.” Retired from banking since September of 2000, Ed Pahnke wrote “MSB in the Spotlight,” a bimonthly newsletter for a bank for twelve years and has had numerous stories published in Julien’s Journal.
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