Here’s another of my “jest for pun” stories while I’m at it. Ed Pahnke

Mending Her Way

                The pile of clothes to be mended didn’t appear to be going down.  Mary Gold stole a glance at the clock between stitches.  Two o’clock.  She’d never finish mending Santa’s suit in time for the Christmas Eve run and forget the elves clothes.  Why did Santa have to have a trial run and tear his outfit and put more dents in the old sleigh?

The used reindeers were not even close to Dancer and Prancer, and the five hundred year old sleigh was held together with duct tape.

Everybody thought he was a right jolly old elf.  Ha!

She should get extra when she pinked designs in some of the fabrics, but nothing extra.  Three dollars an hour, and she was lucky to get that, Santa told her.  “Take it or leave it.”  He punctuated his words with a “Ho, Ho, Ho.”

Mary Gold set her mind on finishing mending just Santa’s clothes, and no more fancy stuff.   If she didn’t, there was no Christmas bonus.  She frowned.  Here it was Christmas Eve, and she’d counted on the bonus for presents.

The three hours flew by.

Almost five o’clock and just a few more stitches.  She quickened her pace and with three deft strokes of needle and thread, she finished before the five o’clock whistle sounded.  Mary sighed and smiled as Santa sauntered in, ever jovial.

“Ah well,” she thought, “alls well that mends well.”


About pahnkebooks

A Twenty-first Century senior, Ed Pahnke, has his third book, The Chiefs Investigate, published. It’s highlighted in “Now Available.” Retired from banking since September of 2000, Ed Pahnke wrote “MSB in the Spotlight,” a bimonthly newsletter for a bank for twelve years and has had numerous stories published in Julien’s Journal.
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