Write on

                 Since graduating college in 1961, Pahnke has completed a wide array of college courses and seminars.   He entered banking in 1961 and has been auditor at three banks.

Ed Pahnke’s first short story appeared in “Et Al” in 1971.  Since then he’s had numerous short stories and articles published in periodicals.  He also wrote and edited a bimonthly newsletter for twelve years.

In 2004 he published Northern Knights, a mystery novel set in Wisconsin’s North Woods in the early 1930’s and based upon the Robin Hood legends.

In 2009 he had a chapbook of “jest for pun” jokes published.  He’s now preparing to publish the chapbook as an eBook.

Recently, Calderwood Books published The Chiefs Investigate.  The protagonists in the fifteen mystery stories are a father and son team of Native American private investigators.

Planning to write on, Pahnke has more Chief mysteries and a sequel to Northern Knights in the works.  Even when time is short, he makes time for “jest for pun” stories or short stories or creative nonfiction.


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