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A Twenty-first Century senior, Ed Pahnke, has his third book, The Chiefs Investigate, published. It’s highlighted in “Now Available.” Retired from banking since September of 2000, Ed Pahnke wrote “MSB in the Spotlight,” a bimonthly newsletter for a bank for twelve years and has had numerous stories published in Julien’s Journal.

Running Late                Though my father, Art, and his friend, Stan, raced to get to the cruise ship on time, they were running late.  Departure for the cruise across Lake Michigan from Downtown Chicago was minutes away.  Art and … Continue reading

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The Castaway

So he’d found riches beyond his wildest dreams. What good did it do Lon Sum? He’d been a castaway for more than seventeen years, marooned on the South Sea Island without another human being in a thousand miles. White hair … Continue reading

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Here’s another of my “jest for pun” stories while I’m at it. Ed Pahnke

Mending Her Way                 The pile of clothes to be mended didn’t appear to be going down.  Mary Gold stole a glance at the clock between stitches.  Two o’clock.  She’d never finish mending Santa’s suit in time for the Christmas … Continue reading

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What on Earth

What on Earth? © The newscaster virtually shouted out, “Alien spiders have invaded our earth.  Giant spider-like creatures have been seen docking their spaceships at various locations around the planet. “At the moment, their intentions are unclear, but our government … Continue reading

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Writing “jest for pun” and mysteries, Hi to mystery readers and writers from my detectives, Charlie and Jimmy Chief. Ed Pahnke

Raise Your Glasses      Mary Wanna, the old hippie, went into hiding in the late 1960’s after her escapades had brought down the wrath of the law upon her.  She and a few other extremists fled toBoliviaand safety.  She had … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Write on                  Since graduating college in 1961, Pahnke has completed a wide array of college courses and seminars.   He entered banking in 1961 and has been auditor at three banks. Ed Pahnke’s first short story appeared in “Et Al” … Continue reading

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